Streets in the DH1 postcode district

These are all the streets in the DH1 postcode district that have at least one residential property. Click a street name to see all the houses and flats in that street.

Abbey Road
Abbots Row
Acorn Place
Adolphus Place
Aidan Gardens
Ainsley Street
Albert Street
Alder Lea Close
Aldhome Court
Alexandra Close
Alington Place
Allergate Terrace
Almoners Barn
Alnwick Road
Ancroft Garth
Annand Road
Anvil Court
Apperley Avenue
Archers Court
Archery Rise
Arnison Retail Centre
Ash Avenue
Ashdown Avenue
Ashleigh Avenue
Aspen Close
Atherton Street
Auckland Road
Augustine Close
Avenue Street
Ayden Grove
Aykley Court
Aykley Green
Aykley Heads Farm
Aykley Road
Aykley Vale
Back Mount Joy
Back Silver Street
Back Western Hill
Bainbridge Street
Bakehouse Lane
Baliol Square
Bamburgh Road
Bank Foot
Barkers Haugh
Barnard Close
Barrasford Road
Barrington Close
Beal Walk
Beaumont Close
Beaver Close
Bedale Close
Bede Avenue
Bede Way
Bedfordshire Drive
Beech Close
Beech Crest
Beech Road
Beech View
Beechcroft Close
Beechdale Road
Bek Road
Belle Vue Terrace
Belles Ville
Bells Folly
Belmont Road
Bent House Lane
Berkshire Close
Bevan Grove
Birchgrove Avenue
Birkdale Gardens
Bishops Close
Bishops Gate
Bishops Way
Blaidwood Drive
Blanchland Avenue
Blue Coat Court
Bolton Close
Borrowdale Drive
Boste Crescent
Bow Lane
Bowes Court
Boyd Street
Brackendale Road
Brackenfield Road
Bradford Crescent
Brakespear Close
Brancepeth Close
Brecon Road
Briar Road
Briar Row
Bridge Street
Bridgemere Drive
Bromley Close
Broome Road
Broomside Court
Broomside Lane
Broomside Park
Buckinghamshire Road
Bucks Hill
Burdon Place
Burn Hall
Byers Garth
Byers Garth Cottages
Byland Close
Caley Rise
Cambridgeshire Drive
Camsell Court
Canterbury Road
Carlisle Road
Carolean Court
Carr House Drive
Cartington Road
Castle Chare
Caterhouse Road
Cedar Close
Cedar Drive
Chandler Close
Chapel Heights
Chapel Mews
Chapel Place
Cheshire Drive
Chevallier Court
Cheveley Court
Cheveley Park Shopping Cent
Cheveley Walk
Chichester Road
Chillingham Road
Chipchase Grove
Church Lane
Church Street
Church Street Head
Church Street Villas
Churchill Avenue
Churchill Square
Clay Lane
Clydesdale Garth
Conifer Close
Coniston Close
Cooper Square
Copeland Court
Cornwall Walk
Coronation Avenue
Coronation Terrace
Corriedale Close
Cotherstone Road
Coupland Way
Court Lane
Coventry Road
Croft Road
Cross Row
Cross Valley Court
Cross View Lane
Cross View Terrace
Crossgate Moor Gardens
Crossgate Peth
Cunningham Place
Cuthbert Avenue
Cuthbert Close
Cypress Grove
Dalton Crescent
Damson Way
Darlington Road
Deans Walk
Dene Drive
Derbyshire Drive
Devonshire Road
Diamond Terrace
Dickens Wynd
Dilston Road
Dinsdale Drive
Donnini Place
Douglas Villas
Dryburn Hill
Dryburn Park
Dryburn Road
Dun Cow Lane
Dunholme Close
Durham Moor
Durham Moor Crescent
Durham Road
Durham Terrace
East Atherton Street
Eden Road
Eden Terrace
Edge Court
Edlingham Road
Edward Street
Eggleston Close
Ellam Avenue
Ellis Leazes
Elmfield Avenue
Elsdon Road
Elvet Bridge
Elvet Crescent
Elvet Hill Road
Elvet Waterside
Ely Road
Embleton Close
Ennerdale Close
Eskdale Close
Etherley Close
Faraday Court
Farm Road
Farnham Close
Farnham Road
Farnley Hey Road
Farnley Mount
Farnley Ridge
Farrier Close
Featherstone Road
Fellside Gardens
Ferens Close
Ferens Park
Field House Terrace
Fieldhouse Lane
Filby Drive
Finchale Abbey Village
Finchale Avenue
Finchale Road
Finchale View
Finney Terrace
Fir Avenue
Fir Tree Close
Flambard Road
Flass Street
Flass Vale
Flassburn Road
Folly Terrace
Ford Road
Fordham Road
Fowler Wynd
Fowlers Yard
Foxton Way
Frank Street
Frankland Lane
Frankland Road
Freemans Place
Friars Row
Front Street
Frosterley Close
Garden Avenue
Geoffrey Avenue
George Street
Ghyll Field Road
Gilesgate Close
Gladstone Villas
Gleneagles Way
Gloucestershire Drive
Glue Garth
Goodyear Crescent
Gorsedale Grove
Gort Place
Grange Court
Grange Farm
Grange Road
Grape Lane
Gray Avenue
Grays Terrace
Green Court
Green Lane
Grinstead Way
Grove House Drive
Habgood Drive
Haig Terrace
Hall Farm
Hall Lane
Hallgarth Street
Hallgarth View
Halton Road
Hampshire Road
Hamsterley Crescent
Hartley Gardens
Hartside View
Harvest View
Harvey Avenue
Hastings Avenue
Hatfield Close
Haven Court
Hawthorn Crescent
Hawthorn Place
Hawthorn Road
Hawthorn Terrace
Heatherdale Crescent
Heaviside Place
Helmsley Road
Herefordshire Drive
Herons Court
High Carr Close
High Carr Road
High Street
High Street North
High Street South
High Wood Terrace
High Wood View
Hilda Avenue
Hilda Close
Hill Meadows
Hill Top Farm
Hillcrest Mews
Hollingside Lane
Holly Street
Holmlands Crescent
Hopper Place
Hornbeam Close
Houghall Farm Lane
Hudspeth Crescent
Huntingdonshire Drive
Hutton Way
Hylton Court
Hylton Road
Illingworth Grove
John Street
Josephine Butler College
Jubilee Place
Juniper Way
Kenny Place
Kepier Crescent
Kepier Lane
Kepier Terrace
Kepier Villas
Kerryhill Drive
Kings Grove
Kinley Road
Kiplings Terrace
Kira Drive
Kirby Avenue
Kirkham Road
Kirkstone Drive
Kirkwood Drive
Laburnum Avenue
Lambton Street
Lambton Walk
Lancashire Drive
Langdale Crescent
Langley Road
Langton Lea
Lantern Court
Larches Road
Laurel Avenue
Lawson Terrace
Leazes Court
Leazes Place
Leazes Road
Leicestershire Drive
Lichfield Road
Lilac Avenue
Limecragg Avenue
Lincoln Road
Lincolnshire Close
Lindisfarne Road
Little Bridge Court
Little Court
Long Acres
Long Garth
Low Carrs Park
Low Green
Low Moor Cottages
Low Road
Lowes Barn Bank
Lowes Court
Lowes Fall
Lowes Rise
Lowes Wynd
Lumley Road
Lund Avenue
Lund Court
Lyndhurst Drive
Mackintosh Court
Maddison Court
Magdalene Avenue
Magdalene Court
Magdalene Heights
Magdalene Street
Maiden Castle
Mains Court
Malvern Villas
Manor Close
Maple Avenue
Margery Lane
Market Place
Marshall Terrace
Marwood Park
Maureen Terrace
Mavin Street
May Street
Maynards Row
Mayorswell Close
Mayorswell Field
Mayorswell Street
Mcnally Place
Meadow Lane
Meldon Way
Mere Drive
Middleham Road
Mill Hill Lane
Mill House Court
Mill Lane
Millbank Court
Minster Court
Mistletoe Street
Mitchell Street
Mitford Close
Monks Crescent
Montgomery Road
Monument Court
Moor Crescent
Moor Edge
Moor End Terrace
Mount Joy Crescent
Mowbray Street
Musgrave Gardens
Neville Square
Neville Street
Neville Terrace
Nevilledale Terrace
Nevilles Cross Bank
Nevilles Cross Villas
New Elvet
New Street
Newcastle Road
Newcastle Terrace
Newlands Road
Newton Drive
Nickleby Chare
Norham Road
North Bailey
North Crescent
North End
North Road
North Terrace
North View
Northamptonshire Drive
Norwich Road
Nottinghamshire Road
Nuns Row
Oak Avenue
Oakham Drive
Oatlands Way
Old Dryburn Way
Old Elvet
Old Pit Terrace
Oliver Place
Orchard Drive
Oswald Close
Oswald Court
Overman Street
Oxfordshire Drive
Oxley Terrace
Palace Green
Palatine View
Palmers Garth
Park House Road
Parsons Field
Patterdale Close
Paxton Court
Paxton Mews
Peel Avenue
Pelaw Leazes Lane
Percy Lane
Percy Square
Percy Terrace
Peterborough Road
Pickering Place
Pickwick Close
Pilgrims Way
Pine Avenue
Pond Street
Poplar Drive
Poplar Road
Poplar Terrace
Porter Close
Portrush Way
Potterhouse Lane
Potterhouse Terrace
Potters Bank
Potters Close
Prebends Field
Princes Street
Priors Close
Priory Orchard
Priory Road
Prospect Terrace
Providence Place
Providence Row
Pudsey Court
Quality Street
Quarry House Lane
Quarryheads Lane
Queens Grove
Raby Road
Railway Cottages
Ramsey Close
Ramside Park
Ramside View
Ravensworth Terrace
Rectory Terrace
Red Briar Walk
Red Hill Villas
Redhills Lane
Regents Court
Relly Path
Renny Street
Rennys Lane
Rhodes Terrace
Richardby Crescent
Richmond Court
Richmond Road
Ripon Road
Robson Terrace
Rochester Road
Rokeby Square
Romney Drive
Roosevelt Road
Rose Acre
Rosedale Road
Rothbury Road
Rowan Drive
Rowan Tree Avenue
Ryelands Way
Saddler Street
Saddlers Lane
Salisbury Road
Scardale Way
School View
Sharp Crescent
Shaw Wood Close
Shepherds Court
Sheraton Park
Sherburn Hospital
Sherburn Road
Shiell Heights
Shincliffe Lane
Shire Chase
Shropshire Drive
Silver Street
Sniperley Hall Road
South Bailey
South Crescent
South Road
South Street
South Terrace
Springfield Park
Springwell Avenue
Springwell Road
St Aidans Avenue
St Aidans Crescent
St Bedes Close
St Cuthberts Avenue
St Georges Way
St Giles Close
St Godrics Close
St Helens Well
St Hilds Court
St Hilds Lane
St Johns Road
St Josephs Close
St Margarets Court
St Margarets Garth
St Margarets Mews
St Marys Close
St Marys Road
St Monica Grove
St Nicholas Drive
St Oswalds Drive
St Oswalds Square
Staffordshire Drive
Staindrop Road
Stanhope Close
Station Lane
Stockton Road
Straughan Crescent
Strawberry Lane
Suffolk Way
Sunderland Road
Surtees Drive
Sutherland Place
Sutton Street
Swinside Drive
Taylor Court
Teasdale Terrace
Telford Close
Tenter Terrace
Territorial Lane
The Approach
The Avenue
The Bowers
The Bungalows
The Carrs
The Chains
The Close
The College
The Drive
The Forge
The Green
The Grove
The Hallgarth
The Larches
The Links
The Mews
The Moorlands
The Old Sawmill
The Orchard
The Paddock
The Poplars
The Sands
The Sidings
The Willows
Thorndale Road
Thropton Close
Thrushcross Place
Tindale Avenue
Toll House Road
Trinity Mews
Trouts Lane
Turnberry Walk
Turnbull Close
Ullerdale Close
Ustinov College
Victoria Court
Victoria Terrace
Viewforth Villas
Waddington Street
Wakenshaw Road
Wanless Terrace
Wantage Road
Warkworth Road
Warwick Court
Warwickshire Drive
Wear View
Wearside Drive
Wells Grove
Wentworth Drive
West Court
West Terrace
West View
Westcott Drive
Westhouse Avenue
Whinney Hill
Whiteoak Avenue
Whitesmocks Avenue
Whitfield Court
Whitwell Acres
Whitwell Court
Wilkinson Walk
Willans Buildings
William Place
Willow Tree Avenue
Willowtree Avenue
Wilson Crescent
Wiltshire Close
Winchester Road
Windmill Hill
Witton Grove
Wolsingham Drive
Wood View
Woodbine Road
Woodward Way
Worcester Road
Wynyard Grove
Yewbank Avenue
York Crescent
Yorkshire Drive
Young Street


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